Write goes beyond spitting millions of ideas on paper. It is the collection of a creative rain of ideas placed in a specific order. It is the selection of nouns, verbs, predicates, complements, connectors, and gerunds that together form a piece capable of evoking a torrent of feelings, emotions, reflections, annoyances and dislikes in a hundred readers.

Write part of the delicate art of taking a pen and paper and make strokes with meanings that are born of the subjectivity of the writer to expose his point of view. Writing is to make people laugh, tell a story, make you cry, convince and make you understand. It is to know that in 1000 characters you have the power to change an opinion and that every time you write, erase and rewrite a word these can completely change the meaning of the text.
Write is imagination made text, write is rewrite ideas and leaving a tangible imprint somewhere. Write is a passion that changes lives.